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This summer, I have been beach-reading a number of books from Gothic Romance novelist Victoria Holt, which is probably why into last night’s dream appeared a Governess (!). When she came to me, instead of dressing me in the modern fashions, as she did for the other girls also residing in this beautiful yet eerie Big House, she performed energy work, while declaring in a cockney English accent, “Ooh, this one is vulnerable; we must protect her. Ooh, she awakens in such a state! Out of sorts, she is. She must do this every day – to reconnect.”

The energy shift was palpable, in the dream. I could feel her reaching into deep places, in my muscles and body; myself moving from disconnection, feeling out of sorts, badly, restored into connection. I went from feeling unlike myself entirely, to entirely ME again. I went to the mirror; I was glowing, vibrant, my hair shone like silk.

I loved this dream for several reasons, because… um, magical Governess. But I also felt it was an answer to a question I had asked of Spirit; I had been feeling so tired. I knew something needed adjusting.

This is the message I’ve been receiving, lately:

You can always Reconnect.

You can always reconnect to your Divinity. Reconnect to the Truth of who you are.

No matter what you believe your problem to be, or circumstance, it is absolutely possible to be in total ease and grace, within yourself.

This means one can be physically sick, ill, and also be just fine. Okay. Good, even. In fact, if you’re not, you are engaged in the Ego’s conditioning around duality. “I can’t possibly be good -and- be sick.” Or “I can’t possibly be okay – and- be in this difficult circumstance.”

Yes, you can, Spirit insists. Whereas the Ego finds it extremely difficult to hold multiple, different, even seemingly conflicting realities (seemingly conflicting, but only to the Ego), the Soul has no problem with it. In fact, that is where Soul excels- in being okay with all of it.

OKAY WITH ALL OF IT. Not okay with this but not that. ALL OF IT. No exceptions. This is how we actually embody: peace, ease, grace.

At first, when I asked Spirit about my feeling unwell, I heard: AT EASE. As though a command (it was!). After all, I heard, solutions only arrive in moments of ease and relaxation…so why not BE AT EASE now? It’s the frequency of Light, and how what you want to know will be known.

I stopped fretting about any of it. I let myself go blank, connected, inward. And from that place, I directly asked to be shown the way forward.

Then, soon after being at ease, truly, embodying Ease, I received the dream of the magical Governess — a dream figure and guide who actually helped me understand how to work with my energy more effectively, as well as another bit of helpful advice related to energy.

I consistently receive this kind of guidance because I put my relationship to my Divinity, my True Divine Self, above all else in my life. I make time to Reconnect. This means: Reconnecting as an energy practice several times daily, and holding the intention to listen inward, throughout. It is not just supreme self-care, though this is certainly part of it. It is listening to myself, and acting on what I hear.

I understand that many don’t have the strong desire to Reconnect. Perhaps, instead, preferring the dramatic energies of the Ego’s stories, and even the ups and downs of collective Ego Consciousness, riding the waves of those strange, fearful, doubt-filled, confused energies.

That’s okay, too.

Because you know what?

Ultimately, I’ve learned that it’s a choice. A decision. To dedicate oneself to listening, connecting, inward. It’s one I remake again and again.

Sure, you can still get caught up in stories and energies. But when you feel at ease and okay within yourself, you deeply know and feel that “what’s going on in the world” never truly penetrates the surface. Everyone can be who they are; and things can simply play out, as they will.

Like a dream you can choose to awaken from when you are no longer enjoying it…the gift of Reconnection is knowing that no matter what happens -even when, at times, you get stuck in your thoughts, perceptions, feelings – you are deeply, truly, taken care of, and that all is well.

So, the next time you feel out of sorts, overly caught up in a “problem,” or not enjoying “this”… Remember: You can always Reconnect. When you do, you open the door for your inner guidance to help you, not to mention the contentment, ease and wellness that is always yours.



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