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Several times during this Aquarius Full Moon past weekend I found myself standing under cold water. First, in response to listening to someone recall being in a lightning storm and empathically picking up on it; suddenly I felt electricity run through my body and it was so uncomfortable that I ran to take a cold shower. This, and grounding, helped. Second, full of mysterious congestion and sneezing (which can happen to me when I’m over-stimulated and overly tired), I asked Spirit what to do. I found myself in a cold shower, again.

Water therapies are well-known in integrative healing circles. Entire books have been written on it; water remedies are prescribed to cure ailments from insomnia to pain, and more. Cold water, specifically, has both a soothing and regulating effect on the nervous system; like hitting a reset button. In Hawaii, we are lucky to have waterfalls, which I’ve had the shocking pleasure & delight of standing underneath (pic).

Waterfalls and cold water therapies often find me all over again during transits with Aquarian energies. Aquarius is the water bearer; odd since it’s an air sign. However, water is renewing, and since this sign governs progressively moving from old patterns, traditions and into breakthroughs, new freedoms, this water sympathy makes sense. The sign rules waterfalls, natural springs and floods, all of which renew life. And, in the astrological calendar, liberator Aquarius follows the oft-endless seeming winter of Capricorn — a time of year when the stagnation breaks and icy water begins to melt and flow again.

If you are looking for a way to regulate or soothe your over-stimulated nervous system, waterfalls are amazingly healing in this way. Not to worry though, if you don’t have a waterfall nearby. I’ve found that you can successfully simulate one in your own bathroom.

Even though the full moon has passed and the Sun has now moved into Virgo, in the spirit of sharing wellness tools, this is an all-purpose one for your remedy/medicine chest. It falls into the category that many simple folk remedies do: It works, but because it is simple, it is easy to pass over and not do. You can use this for body pain, fatigue, insomnia and/or symptoms of an overactive nervous system – or any ailment that has a stuck, congested, stagnant quality to it. A good friend of mine frequently took ice cold baths when suffering from severe abdominal/menstrual pain. Anyhow, if you’re experiencing any of these, try and see for yourself!


-shake a few drops of healing oil of your choice (I like lavender or eucalyptus) into shower basin

-let the water run as cold as it can, disrobe, and stand under it

-make a cup with your hands, catching the water, like the water-bearer, allowing the scent of the oil and the cold water to invigorate and awaken your senses (benefit: you may suddenly feel like a Goddess while doing this 😉 )

-feel the water enliven your muscles; try to stay in the shower for at least five minutes

-afterwards, only lightly towel dry. Lay your towel on the bed and air dry so you can continue to feel the invigorating effect of cool water on your nervous system. Though, if you want to sleep following this, you may want to wrap/warm yourself in a sheet.


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