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The astrological Venus is well known as the planet of love – as Venus travels across the sky, through the different zodiac signs, it has much to say about who we love, how we love, what we give to others and what we expect from them in return. Venus rules our level of affection and charm, and our compassion and kindness towards other people.

However, Venus is not only about love. The astrological Venus also has a lot to do with money, luxury, wealth, beauty, art and glamor. Venus is fundamentally about our values – physical, material and emotional – and about what we do in order to obtain the things we value, and to cherish and protect them once we have them.

When Venus moves into Capricorn on November 5th, 2021, until March 5th, 2022, we start to move away from the carefree, light-hearted influence which Venus in Sagittarius brought – instead, we take things much more seriously.

Venus in Capricorn speaks to serious, committed relationships – or the desire to find one, or the desire to stabilize a rocky partnership. Here, Venus values enduring love, faithfulness, mutual respect, stability and quite traditional partnership roles.

Courtships while Venus is in Capricorn can be very traditional. Take things slowly, with plenty of courtesy, respect and old-fashioned good manners. In an established relationship, show your partner that you value the way they help to provide for the family, and the way they take their responsibilities seriously.

The downside to Venus’ transit of Capricorn is that it can be a little stuffy, rigid and uptight. Capricorn is an earth sign and more sensual than you might think, but Venus in Capricorn doesn’t go in for public displays of passion – dignity and privacy are very important here.

Materially, Venus in Capricorn is all about long-term financial stability. This is shrewd, practical energy for business and finance, much more interested in building for the long term than in making a quick gain. Always ambitious, Venus in Capricorn can be a helpful transit for anyone seeking a job change, especially since it helps to bring confidence and charm to job interviews.

This is an extra long Venus cycle as it will turn retrograde on December 19th. Find out how Venus retrograde will be influencing you. 

How Will Venus in Capricorn Affect Each Zodiac Sign?

The transit of Venus through Capricorn will be different for each zodiac sign, and for each person, according to the relative importance of Venus and Capricorn within a person’s individual natal chart. Overall, however, most zodiac signs will use this transit to consolidate and stabilize both love and money.


Venus in Capricorn for an Aries (Aries dates: March 20 – April 19)

When Venus transits Capricorn, she transits your career zone, Aries, bringing you plenty of opportunities to play nicely with colleagues and bosses alike. If you’re looking for a new job, increased levels of charm and charisma can’t hurt your chances, but you must be careful not to appear insincere. It’s also tempting to use people for your own ends during this transit – but if you do, you will eventually be found out.


Venus in Capricorn for a Taurus (Taurus dates: April 20 – May 20)

Venus here transits your travel zone, Taurus, so if ever there was a good time for a holiday romance it’s now! You will feel an increased affinity and affection for other cultures, and you may also find yourself attracted to foreign languages. This is a very good time for you educationally too, and you might like to look at qualifications in art, beauty or philosophy.


Venus in Capricorn for a Gemini (Gemini dates: May 21 – June 20)

This Venus transit activates your passion zone, Gemini, so don’t be surprised if you find the temperature hotting up considerably! You may be attracted to someone who is superficially ‘bad for you’, so be very careful with your choice of new partners if you are single. In an established relationship, this transit can be very helpful for re-finding the magic, mending old grudges and forgiving each other for past hurts.


Venus in Capricorn for a Cancer (Cancer dates: June 21 – July 21)

When Venus transits your love zone, Cancer, it’s obviously a sweet and loving time for romance. If you’re single, this is one of the best periods of the year for dating, although you should keep your feet on the ground and not rush into anything. A desire to be with someone could easily lead to poor choices right now – remember that there’s nothing wrong with being single until the right someone comes along.


Venus in Capricorn for a Leo (Leo dates: July 22 – August 21)

Venus transits your health zone now, Leo, which can make you feel rather lazy and a little bit too laid back! Physical activity is probably at the bottom of your priority list, but on the plus side, this can be a very helpful transit for your mental health. You’ll want to do the things you love doing, and you won’t be afraid to treat yourself or to allow yourself the mental downtime you need to get on top of your stress levels.


Venus in Capricorn for a Virgo (Virgo dates: August 22 – September 21)

It’s time to get creative, Virgo! Venus transits your creativity zone now, encouraging you to take up a new and artistic hobby or to focus on creative self-development. This zone of your chart is also associated with dating, so it’s a great time to look for a new relationship. Beware of appearing too desperate or clingy, however – don’t automatically assume that every new person you meet is ‘the one’!


Venus in Capricorn for a Libra (Libra dates: September 22 – October 22)

This Venus transit activates your family zone, Libra, and brings kindness, tolerance, healing and understanding to family relationships, especially if there have been problems recently. You’ll also want to channel Venus’ artistic and luxury-loving influences into your home, perhaps renovating or redecorating to make things more to your taste. Don’t allow your budget to run away with you, however – keep track of your spending on the home!


Venus in Capricorn for a Scorpio (Scorpio dates: October 23 – November 21)

Venus in this transit brings you a flair for the written and spoken word, Scorpio, and an ability to persuade others to agree with you – excellent news if you work in marketing, PR or other related areas! You’ll find it easier to get your point across now, but take care that you are telling the truth. While it will be easy to get away with a lie, your conscience will prickle if you don’t do the right thing, so stay on the right side of the truth with your silver tongue.


Venus in Capricorn for a Sagittarius (Sagittarius dates: November 22 – December 20)

This Venus transit activates your money zone, Sagittarius – and since Venus has an eye for luxury, that typically means a lot of spending! By all means, splash out if you can afford it, but don’t get yourself into unnecessary debt. This transit is also good for you psychologically, as it helps you to value yourself the way others value you. Work on boosting your self-esteem, but not through buying things!


Venus in Capricorn for a Capricorn (Capricorn dates: December 21 – January 18)

When Venus transits your own sign, your charm will go through the roof, Capricorn – expect plenty of people to want to be by your side during this transit, whether as friends, lovers or colleagues. It’s a good time for a change of personal image if you feel like it – a new hairstyle or a new sense of fashion will rejuvenate you and give you back your zest for life.


Venus in Capricorn for an Aquarius (Aquarius Dates: January 19 – February 17)

Venus is now transiting your spiritual zone, Aquarius, bringing a great deal of creative imagination to your thoughts, your dreams and your daydreams. This is a good time to write, play music, meditate or create artistic pieces. It’s also a very compassionate and selfless influence, so you might find yourself wanting to volunteer or to help other people behind the scenes, without drawing attention to yourself.


Venus in Capricorn for a Pisces (Pisces dates: February 18 – March 19)

When Venus activates your friendship zone, Pisces, you’ll find yourself wanting to socialize as much as possible. This is a great time for finding new friends, and for joining new hobby groups or clubs. Venus’ compassion also kicks in with this transit, so get involved in community projects that benefit the least fortunate, or spend your care and energy on our animal friends or our planet itself.


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