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Until 2013, The Astrologer had been well and truly forgotten.

It was never properly released because it contains copyright music but it was re-discovered thanks to a donation of 1,000 pornographic prints bestowed upon the American Genre Film Archive.

Working to save forgotten films, they screened it at ‘Endangered Fest 2013’, then used it prominently in an IndieGoGo campaign aimed at turning endangered 35mm prints into new 2K digital transfers.

In their words, from that campaign:

“There’s no other movie like The Astrologer. It deserves to be seen.”

But wait, there are TWO movies and you might get confused.

The Astrologer Movie #1 (1975)…

The Astrologer (also known as Suicide Cult) is an American horror directed by James Glickenhaus, starring Bob Byrd, Mark Buntzman, and James Glickenhaus.

The film came about thanks to the director spending inheritance money on making the movie, which he himself described as terrible, revealing that he had to convince drive-in theatres to show the film.

The Astrologer Movie #2 (1975 and sometimes 1976)…

Directed by and starring Craig Denney, born 1944-1945, in the U.S. or Canada, this movie was filmed in Kenya, Tahiti, France, California and more, with underwater scenes and x – so it can’t be described as ‘low-budget’ for the time.

There is little about him or his company ‘Moon House’, which produced astrological birth charts, forecasts and computerised horoscopes around 1968, a time interest in astrology and the occult were reaching a high.

According to a piece, there’s a claim that The Astrologer was shot entirely without a script, with horoscopes informing each day’s shooting decisions… So fun.

Watch it in full here!

Imdb score it 4.1, with one user describing it as ‘an utterly strange, ludicrous and somewhat fascinating pile of trash’ that ‘mixes astrology, CIA intrigue, Jim Jones-type mass murder and the second coming of Jesus Christ’.

But is it so bad it’s… Good? I say it’s a must see…

Check out the trailer here:

Denney died mysteriously in the mid-1980s, survived by his wife Donna, around only 40 years of age, from causes unknown.

But then there’s a conflicting account that means he may have faked his death to escape the FBI and IRS.

Perhaps he will come out of hiding knowing his movie is enjoying a revival!!

Read more about the movie over at pastemagazine and matchboxcineclub

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