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small still voiceIf you’re a sensitive you may be feeling foggy, spacey or tired this week as Friday’s Sagittarius lunar eclipse squares Neptune, the planet of sleep, dreams, spirituality, consciousness, deception and self-undoing. Neptune, like Twelfth House planets, is accompanied by that vague and fuzzy, dazed and confused feeling. If we want to nail down anything, a relationship or health problem, we won’t be able to. We can’t see very far into the future. Nay, we may only barely be able to see the next few feet in front of us.

Sagittarius is the sign of overarching perspective, of the big picture, and Gemini is the sign of information, data, questions and more questions. We may want more information, to have our questions answered, and maybe we even think if we had all the right answers and puzzle pieces in place, the answers would save us. But Neptune, square this “searching for answers” axis, doesn’t work that way.  At this full moon, there is no one right answer because what’s required in order for our confusing situation to shift is not a solution or answer per se but an expansion of consciousness. This doesn’t arrive via email, Amazon.com or another person; you can’t clear things up with a big relationship talk, at least not right now. Instead, it’s a sloooow inward process of surrendering and opening. We may want to make a move but feel immobilized, paralyzed, uncertain about the future. At this moment, that’s exactly as it should be. Sometimes the only answer we can trust for sure is, “I don’t know where to go, what to do.”

This week, I’ve had poison oak spring up out of the blue, and then a parasite infection may be resurfacing. Neptune rules my Sixth House of Health – my Achilles heel. I wish there was one right answer for my ailing health, like taking an aspirin for a headache; experience has told me there is not. It’s more like searching for a needle in a haystack, and this act of seeking has impelled my life’s journey. Sagittarius rules the Journeyor and Seeker in all of us, the Gypsy and Philosopher, the hungry, searching part of us who is a stranger in a strange land, searching for an overarching meaning to life’s mystery and its endless questions, searching for home.

Neptune shares Sagittarius’ divine restlessness which comes in the form of a longing, a craving and hunger for something we want and don’t have.  What are you most longing for?  Are you sure? Murky Neptune can cause us to think we want something really badly, when what we actually need is something else. Eclipses are designed for cleaning up, letting go, in an area of life, and this full moon lunar eclipse asks us to slow down, to create the time and space for awareness and realization to occur. Hold the space for new consciousness to enter the natal houses in which Neptune and this eclipse axis falls, and for confusion to exit. This week don’t try to solve the world’s problems, or even your own. And don’t get distracted by your, or someone else’s, crazy. That’s Neptune, too.  Nurture your Spirit. Trust. Know that the puzzle pieces will fall into place. Know that when the world becomes too confusing, flummoxing, bewildering, nonsensical, hard to pin down, the voice we can always trust is the small still one inside.

Here’s a list of ways to look at and work with Neptune, excerpted from Tracy Marks’ book The Astrology of Self-Discovery.

-Neptune may blind us to our real feelings and needs and keep us engaged in internal dramas which seem to lead nowhere and which have little relevance to our actual circumstances.

-We may be struggling with the wrong problems or asking the wrong questions.

-We may not be ready to make a change because pieces are still missing in our development, which will be provided in the future. We may not have become yet who we need to become in order to move further in one particular realm of our lives.

-We may not see clearly because seeing it can be painful…It (seeing clearly) might mean facing the internal emptiness, or lack of love in our marriage. It might destroy our dreams and illusions.

-Neptune rarely helps us cope with external reality and concrete issues; it is more concerned with awakening our inner self and our sources of inspiration. One of the more positive benefits of confusion is that it may motivate us to contact the center of our being and to discover the capabilities or our intuition and inner guidance.

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