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Apt for Gemini-Sagittarius season, both relate to spreading the word, I’ve sent out book proposals and getting lots of feedback. I’ve been encouraged by the fact that people are actually writing me back and calling – it’s a far cry from several years ago when my emails were mostly met with dead silence. I’ve been amazed at the diversity of opinions. No two are the same, yet all have value. This has the net effect of keeping my head spinning with feedback, advice, sound byte suggestions, opinions galore– a side effect of Gemini season. As we reach out, discuss, cross-pollinate and learn, opinions are not in short supply.

I’ve also had a number of what I’d call “gentle crisis” moments related to growth and expansion. As this lunation spans my Third and Ninth House, I feel like a flower who has in many ways outgrown her pot… and yet the next steps require careful tending, instruction, patience, planning. Coming up against what I’d like to do, and what I’m capable of doing is always a challenge for this Aries Moon, uber cardinal lady!  Venus is also retrograding in my Ninth, soon seeded by the transit of Venus, and my marriage is feeling the growth squeeze. At different places in our growth, we see our individual growth crises in each other, and talk about it, wondering how the vision of one will fit into the vision of the other. It’s different from walking hand in hand down the same path, together.

Sagittarius is the sign of expansion, Gemini of information gathering. Where does 14’14’ Sagittarius-Gemini fall in your chart? This is the area of life where you will try to pack as much experience, as many lives as possible, into your one tiny lifetime. I recently came across a quote on Facebook, which struck me as the challenge of this axis: “You can do anything, but you can’t do everything.” ‘Tis difficult, but true! During this lunation, we are being challenged to grow and expand, again — but this time with focus, boundaries, and perhaps even the acquisition of new skills. With Mars in Virgo tightly square the Sun in Gemini and Moon in Sagittarius, actions taken need to be cautious, specific, organized. This moderates the Sagittarius-Gemini tendency to do things on the fly, scattershot style. We need to apply Mars’ methodical, strategic approach to our expansive Sagittarius schemes. Maybe the big trip you’re planning requires more legwork; the legal trial, careful and rehearsed preparation; the book, an ever finer fine-tooth comb. The phrase ‘careful planning’ comes to mind.

And this is an eclipse, which makes everything taking place around now more emotionally earth-shaking.  I’ve heard the theory that as eclipses take place the magnetic field of the Earth gets ‘re-set’. I feel this happens in the area of life an eclipse falls. The earthly plane, during eclipse season, is unstable, shifting; second to the transition of winter into spring, many people ‘move on’ during eclipse season. The Earth shifts. Meanwhile, as we go about our day to day, the lights flicker. In the heavens, armed with Gemini ideas, Sagittarius pulls back bow and aims high, as Mars holds us to our earthly instincts.

*For more about the eclipse transiting your birth chart, by house and sign, visit my Eclipse Archives.


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