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let_the_butterflies_in_by_wdnestEvery year around this Pisces New Moon, I take an intentional walk with Spirit. Using the front door as a magical threshold, and the tree-lined trail in back of our house an enchanted forest stage, I step out with the intention to receive what Spirit wants to tell me.  With my bottle of water I also carry a magical mindset; open, receptive, surrendering and present, I view everything I encounter as a message specifically for me, the receiver. It also helps to be in a non-linear space, fuzzy and wide-open, as I do on this day.

I never know what I will, if anything, discover on these walks, but when a surreal image crosses my path I know I am in the immediate company of Spirit. This day, just a few footsteps from my house a jolly-faced fellow, surely an emissary of Bacchus, is walking towards me with three bottles of wine (Spirits).  I jokingly ask if he’s handing out wine to us neighbors; he replies that it is bad wine. I tell him I won’t volunteer myself, then. Later, on the side of the road I encounter a deer leg -minus one deer. I feel sad about this and decide to lug it home because I wouldn’t want my bones to be abandoned on a roadside. Walking home with deer leg in hand I see a huge sign that reads “HAPPY BIRTHDAY”. Message received. Spirit messages usually arrive in threes.

Spirit messages are personal, and often confusing at first. Because Spirit has no voice of its own it communicates with us in images, synchronicity, dream-like apparitions. To connect with these Spirit messages we must engage our powers of presence and careful observation. It often takes time, or a retelling to a friend, before I understand what a message means for me. But sometimes it is instant. During lunch at a Sausalito restaurant, a girl friend and I were talking about the trusting our feminine wisdom in a world that rewards patriarchy. Meanwhile a group of preppy, privileged-looking men wearing pastel shorts assembled next to our table to play bocce ball, carouse, and get their picture taken by a photographer. Was the Goddess standing nearby, on instant messenger, today? I had to chuckle at the hilarious obviousness of it all.

Pisces is the sign of the Sensitive, Psychic, Dreamer-Poet, Believer. At this Pisces New Moon, it’s time to feed that part of our self that remembers that life is magical. I have a handful of friends who live a charmed life, friends whose intention and attention regularly places them directly in the path of magic (parking spaces on a busy street, found money, miraculous and lucky synchronicity) but for many people, this more personal experience of magic gets left behind in childhood with our fairytale books, sci-fi comics and stuffed Unicorns. Daydreaming, fantasizing, playing make-believe were ways we consistently connected with forces greater than our Self, and nurtured the belief that anything’s possible in life. In childhood, we hadn’t yet made the logical, scientific left-brain orientation of culture into our God.

To find your way back to faith, possibility and magic, look to the house in which this Pisces New Moon falls and feed it with Pisces experiences. Whereas kids are naturally connected, as adults we meditate, do yoga, pray, affirm, collage and create. Anytime, anywhere we are in a fuzzy, wide-open, expanded state of consciousness we are primed to ask for, and receive, magic. Expansive Jupiter in Cancer is trine this dreamy new moon, so to receive a boost of Jupiterian support place your intention and attention on how you’d like your life to be better, richer, freer. You may not receive instant feedback, or you may. What’s important is that you dare to believe. To receive Pisces magic you must be open to it.

image source: Let The Butterflies In by WDNest, DeviantArt.com

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