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Mercury Retrograde in Gemini: May 29th – June 22nd, 2021

Mercury retrogrades often – three or four times every year, in fact, typically for about three weeks at a time. This means that – as viewed from the earth – Mercury seems to be moving backward across the sky. It’s isn’t really, no planet ever moves backward, but the illusion is powerfully symbolic for astrologers.

Why Does Mercury Retrograde Matter?

During Mercury retrograde periods, we can press a pause button on life – it’s an opportunity to slow down and to re-think.

Because Mercury rules our minds – including the way we think and the way we communicate – it can be difficult to make yourself understood correctly during Mercury retrograde. Communication networks such as the internet and transport systems can be subject to outages and delays. Traditionally, this is often thought of as an irritating or frustrating period, but in fact, Mercury retrograde can bring benefits as well as issues.

What is the Significance of Mercury Retrograde in Gemini?

Of all the Mercury retrograde periods, it’s Mercury retrograde in Gemini that offers the best opportunity to unplug. Turn off your tech. You don’t need to be connected and available to all and sundry at every hour of the day.

During Mercury retrograde in Gemini, take time out to benefit from the quieter pace of life. Communications may be muddled or confused, but if you take things more slowly you’ll be less likely to be caught out by this.

Expect decisions to take longer too – when Mercury retrogrades in this air sign, not known for its decisiveness at the best of times, many of us will be second-guessing ourselves like crazy and unwilling to commit to a firm decision.

For self-care during this retrograde period, meditation is helpful, as is creative writing of any kind. It’s a good time to learn a new language, as you will find focus easier, with fewer distractions.


How Does Mercury Retrograde in Gemini Affect Each Zodiac Sign?

Each zodiac sign will experience this Mercury retrograde period slightly differently, depending on the exact placement of Mercury in an individual’s natal chart. However, overall, there is a sense of peace and a slowdown in the frenetic pace of life – provided we allow that to happen.


Mercury Retrograde in Gemini for an Aries (Aries dates: March 20 – April 19)

Because this Mercury retrograde period occurs in your communication zone, you may find yourself more affected by delays, tech glitches, appliance breakdowns and misunderstandings than some other signs. Patience is a virtue! Allow extra time for anything important that you need to accomplish during these few weeks, and check details carefully. Don’t rely on others to have things under control, because they may not. Get plenty of sleep too, as you may find yourself feeling more restless than normal.


Mercury Retrograde in Gemini for a Taurus (Taurus dates: April 20 – May 20)

This is a good period to think carefully about how you’re spending or saving your money. Mercury retrogrades in your values zone and if you’ve been spending a lot on frivolous items or comfort-spending, you may start to feel concerned about that now. Practice mindfulness to remind yourself of your true state of abundance. You are far more blessed than you realize, and not only materially – understanding and reflecting on that during this period will help you when it comes to manifesting material abundance too.


Mercury Retrograde in Gemini for a Gemini (Gemini dates: May 21 – June 20)

When Mercury retrograde in your own sign, your sense of identity may suffer a little. Because you’re less sure of yourself and your communication style, it’s easy to inadvertently offend others. However, you more than most signs will benefit from the enforced slow down this period brings, and you will definitely benefit from cutting back on your tech use. Return to good old-fashioned phone calls or face to face chats, or even letter writing. Less need to be in a rush will do wonders for your mental health.  


Mercury Retrograde in Gemini for a Cancer (Cancer dates: June 21 – July 21)

With Mercury turning retrograde in your most spiritual zone, this is likely to be a few weeks filled with vivid dreams, strange sensations and corner of the eye glimpses of the spirit world. Dream interpretation would be useful now, and so would past life regression therapy. Above all, turn inward and seek some stillness away from the craziness of the world. This is your reminder to unplug, slow down, retreat and let the world turn without you. Refresh yourself.


Mercury Retrograde in Gemini for a Leo (Leo dates: July 22 – August 21)

This Mercury retrograde period is likely to lead to miscommunications between friends, colleagues and your wider social circle. Be careful with social media in particular and try not to post in anger or frustration! Gossip is rife and rumors are everywhere, but you know better than to give them headspace. Give friends the benefit of the doubt if they are acting oddly; you probably are too. Overall, it’s a time to slow down with your social activity, to give yourself some breathing space from others just for a short while.


Mercury Retrograde in Gemini for a Virgo (Virgo dates: August 22 – September 21)

Mercury retrograde in your career zone sounds like a disaster waiting to happen, Virgo, but in fact, this can be a thoughtful, productive period, especially if you sense that you need to re-set or re-calibrate your career path in order to match your true calling. Don’t be surprised if you find that your work responsibilities increase during this period, even though you might expect the opposite. The key is to stay calm, stay organized and keep on keeping on – you’ve got this. But if it feels wrong, use this time to re-assess where you’re heading.


Mercury Retrograde in Gemini for a Libra (Libra dates: September 22 – October 22)

Travel could be problematic during this Mercury retrograde period, Libra, as it affects your travel and adventure zone. You may have to scale back plans, or at the very least check them carefully and ensure that you have plans B and C to hand. That being said, there’s no reason why this can’t still be a happy and interesting period for you – you may just need to find your new experiences and new faces closer to home. Look around at what you take for granted and find the everyday wonder in things and people you no longer really notice.


Mercury Retrograde in Gemini for a Scorpio (Scorpio dates: October 23 – November 21)

This Mercury retrograde period affects one of the most psychologically sensitive areas of your chart, Scorpio, and you may feel highly emotional during this time. Old feelings of angst, regret, bitterness or heartbreak can be re-activated, but as ever with astrology, pain comes only to teach and to lead the way to something better. Process those feelings now, whether informally or through therapy, so that you can free yourself from them. It’s a very good time for self-analysis and self-growth, but you must take care not to be caught up in negativity.


Mercury Retrograde in Gemini for a Sagittarius (Sagittarius dates: November 22 – December 20)

Mercury retrograde in your love zone doesn’t mean a meltdown in your relationship, Sagittarius. Well, not always! It’s true that you may be feeling touchier and more likely to argue in this period – but you are also in some ways a better communicator, because your emotions are more easily expressed, and you are not filtering them through logic. This is a good time for heart-to-heart talks in your love life, and for honesty, searing though it may be, with those you love the most.


Mercury Retrograde in Gemini for a Capricorn (Capricorn dates: December 21 – January 18)

This Mercury retrograde affects your everyday routines zone, so you can probably expect some of the traditional upsets with tech, appliances, communications and travel. However, your calm nature will help you take this in your stride and you’re unlikely to be too bothered by it. Create moments of stillness and gratitude in your everyday life and take more notice than usual of the beauty that is all around you. Because this is also your health zone, it could be a good time to re-think your fitness regime.


Mercury Retrograde in Gemini for an Aquarius (Aquarius dates: January 19 – February 17)

Creatively, you may feel stuck during this Mercury retrograde period, Aquarius. The brilliant ideas you can usually pull from nowhere seem just tantalizingly, frustratingly out of reach. Don’t panic, it won’t last. Instead of trying to force your creativity, focus instead on creating more joy in your life. Relax, recharge, chill out doing your favorite things with your favorite people. Happiness is wherever you choose to find it, so shift your focus and be happy about the life you lead.


Mercury Retrograde in Gemini for a Pisces (Pisces dates: February 18 – March 19)

Mercury retrogrades in your family zone, Pisces, providing a golden opportunity to re-think family dynamics, inter-family relationships and all kinds of other tricky stuff. If there have been difficulties with family members, this influence should allow people time and space to reflect and re-think. It is probably not, however, a great period if you’re trying to push through a property sale, a house move or other practical domestic matters. If you can accept in advance that delays are quite likely, this may soften the blow.


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