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When Mars transits Sagittarius from December 13th 2021 until January 24th, 2022, the inner Mars warrior in us all sets out on a hero’s quest to find the truth. Mars is the planet of action and initiative, and Sagittarius is the seeker of the zodiac, so a huge amount of energy is channeled into finding answers during this transit.  

Sagittarius is a very restless astrology sign, always on the go, and always looking for the next adventure. When bold, brave Mars transits this sign, it’s the trigger that helps us dare to dream, pursuing idealistic goals and challenges with willpower, determination and some considerable flair. The go-getting energy of Mars blends well with the optimism of Sagittarius, and there’s a sense that new horizons are only ever a few steps away.

With so much energy involved in this transit, it’s essential to find a healthy way to channel it. As a zodiac sign, Sagittarius loves to be outdoors and in nature, so this transit is a good time for taking up outdoor sports or for going on long, adventurous hikes and camping trips. 

In astrology, Mars displays plenty of passion, but also plenty of anger. When this planet transits Sagittarius, a Fire sign, the passion is especially ardent. There’s a fine line between boldness and being bombastic, however.

During this planetary transit, tact goes out of the window and many of us will be rather abrupt and abrasive in our speech. It wouldn’t hurt to be a bit gentler when dealing with others.  

Justice as a concept is very important to Sagittarius, so this transit is a good time to try to right any wrongs you come across. If you want to work with good causes or to speak up against injustice, the influence of Mars in this sign will help you lead the way. Take care not to let passions run away with you, however. Sagittarius is ruled by Jupiter, an energy which tends to go to excess. Egged on by warrior-like Mars, this transit through Sagittarius can result in a lot of law breaking, albeit done with good intentions. 


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Mars in Sagittarius for an Aries (Aries dates: March 20 – April 19) 

Mars is in your astrology travel zone during this transit, Aries, pushing you to explore new horizons. Ideally, if you can, spend some time visiting new places; the further away the better. If you can’t travel, look into the customs, philosophy and ethos of other cultures. There are lessons for you in how people do things around the world.


Mars in Sagittarius for a Taurus (Taurus dates: April 20 – May 20) 

Nothing will stop you from uncovering the truth during this Mars transit – even if it turns out to be uncomfortable for you. You are driven by a need to know. Once you do know, be very careful about any desire for revenge; your normally placid temper is stirred up no end now, and you could easily end up doing something you’ll later regret. For you, Taurus, this transit may well turn into a lesson in restraint.


Mars in Sagittarius for a Gemini (Gemini dates: May 21 – June 20) 

Mars is in your astrology love zone during this transit, bringing passion and excitement to your relationship, but also a hint of danger and excess. Try to avoid making reckless decisions, Gemini, especially if those decisions affect others. It may be difficult for you to see common sense, since you’re being driven by instinct, but everything doesn’t have to happen so fast. 


Mars in Sagittarius for a Cancer (Cancer dates: June 21 – July 21) 

The best way to find your truth during this transit, Cancer, is to get organized. You have way too much going on and far too little time, so use the energy of Mars to prioritize, stripping away things that don’t need your attention, and zeroing in on whatever will make you feel stronger, better, or happier. Go on a quest that puts your wellbeing first.


Mars in Sagittarius for a Leo (Leo dates: July 22 – August 21) 

Beware of recklessness during this Mars transit. Your brave, bold ideas are exciting and innovative, but carrying them out too quickly could land you in the ER. It’s good that you’re prepared to step out of your comfort zone, but you may be thinking too rashly and not paying enough attention to detail. With a creative project, take care that you’ve got the basics right.


Mars in Sagittarius for a Virgo (Virgo dates: August 22 – September 21) 

This Mars transit highlights your family zone, and there could be some uncomfortable truths to discover in terms of your family’s past, Virgo, or your own childhood memories. Think of this as a therapeutic process; until everything is exposed to the light, you’ll always wonder if you’ve missed something. Examining the past can pave the way toward a positive future.


Mars in Sagittarius for a Libra (Libra dates: September 22 – October 22) 

Strategic planning is a good idea during this Mars transit, because intellectually and mentally, you’re on top form, Libra. Tackle difficult projects now and look ahead to where you want to be. You’ll need all of your infamous tact and diplomacy during this period, since you’re driven to be far blunter and more tactless than you would normally even consider.


Mars in Sagittarius for a Scorpio (Scorpio dates: October 23 – November 21)

Mars transits your money zone now, Scorpio, driving you to increase your personal income, or at the very least, to shore up your financial and emotional security. This means being brutally honest with yourself overspending and wasteful habits. Try to unlink your money from your feelings, Scorpio, so you can take a more objective view of financial stability.


Mars in Sagittarius for a Sagittarius (Sagittarius dates: November 22 – December 20) 

When Mars transits your own sign, your confidence and charisma are increased – but so is your restlessness, and that might be the biggest issue during this transit. If you feel that you can’t settle, try to make changes in your daily routine. You may not be able to dump everything and run off on an around the world trip, but you can find ways to streamline the boring bits so you can focus more on what makes you smile.


Mars in Sagittarius for a Capricorn (Capricorn dates: December 21 – January 18) 

A quest for spiritual truth is never more pertinent than when Mars is transiting your spiritual zone – like now, Capricorn. Expect to have your beliefs and your faith, whatever it may be, put under the spotlight. By defending what you think, you’ll learn far more than you would if you were left in comfort. This can be a tricky period, with some anxiety, but it serves a useful purpose in shoring up your spirituality.


Mars in Sagittarius for an Aquarius (Aquarius dates: January 19 – February 17) 

When Mars transits Sagittarius, your humanitarian instincts are triggered, and you’ll feel more driven than ever to make a difference in the world, Aquarius. Take care that this desire doesn’t become an obsession, however. Your one-track mind during this transit can be hurtful towards family and friends, so try to make time for your loved ones. 


Mars in Sagittarius for a Pisces (Pisces dates: February 18 – March 19) 

During this transit, your career is in focus, and you’ll feel driven toward ever-higher levels of ambitions. You’re also seeking freedom in your career, Pisces, and you won’t want to fit into anyone else’s boxes. Take time to re-set your focus and to check that your intended destination still suits you. If you want to change career course, Pisces, now is the time.

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