Lizzo (Melissa Viviane Jefferson) was born April 27th, 1988 in Detroit, Michigan. A singer, rapper and songwriter, the star was born under the zodiac sign Taurus, but what else?

Lizzo Astrology

  • Sun In Taurus

  • Moon In Virgo

  • Virgo Ascendant

  • Mercury In Taurus

  • Venus In Gemini

  • Gemini Midheaven

Lizzo was born not only with the Sun in Taurus but Jupiter and Mercury, too.

This gives her a heightened sensuality, artistic aptitude, and permeates her message with a steady beauty. Jupiter is the most expansive planet and gives Lizzo powerful lungs and a keen will to share her message. Situated between Sun and Mercury, the trio makes for a powerful signature, and if in the ninth house (as per the chart below), her global presence was written in the stars.

Taurus is tenacious, and along with the other earth signs (Capricorn and Virgo) has the drive to do something tangible in the world. Lizzo’s fashion style absolutely reflects this, as she makes art with her visual impression at every appearance. Not only does she boast three generational planets in Capricorn, but the star also has Moon and Ascendant in earthy Virgo.

Lizzo’s Birth Chart

Born Wednesday, April 27, 1988, 3.50 pm In Detroit, Michigan… Via Astrotheme…

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