Old Man Saturn – And Our Aquarius Archetype!

I don’t consider myself an astrologer well-equipped to comment on – or discuss – politics at all (especially not American politics, since I’m a Brit living in Hong Kong).

But I’m absolutely thrilled that Trump is out and Biden is walking in with Libra Lady Kamala Harris… 

Of course I had to look at Joe Biden’s chart and was playing around with it recently, pulling up his progressions.

Joe Biden, Solar Arc Chart:

Set for January 21st, 2021 – Inauguration Day… 

I was fascinated to see his progressions by Solar Arc (above), particularly how these transits interact with the USA natal chart on Inauguration Day (January 21st 2021, see below).

Biden (by SA progression) is now an Aquarius Sun, Venus, Mercury, Mars and Rising!

And, if we’re in any doubt lets just see how the traditional ruler of Aquarius – Saturn – looks, I’ve included a little image and glyph under the main picture… I know Biden is usually seen smiling but I also think this captures his serious Saturnian side…

Though I tweeted the chart I don’t have many followers on twitter, and therefore I thought I should drop this in a post, as to why Biden is the ideal person (or very well-placed) to help the US moving forwards!

A stellium in Aquarius appears in the third house, connecting him to the people of the US (Moon in Aquarius), while his Cancer Moon at 20º27′ reflects America’s own Cancerian side.

His Jupiter in Libra is conjunct the USA’s Saturn, readying him for the serious social issues at hand. Rebuilding community is key, while also balancing family values. His progressed Pluto is almost trine the USA’s Moon.

Here is Joe Biden’s Birth Chart (Natal) for reference:

A Sagittarius Rising with a loaded twelfth house, Biden is a Scorpio born just before a Full Moon in Taurus.

Natally, his Jupiter is conjunct the USA’s Mercury, with a Sun-Mercury trine from the 12 house. His own Pluto is conjunct the north node of the USA – let’s hope all the fixed energy in his natal chart don’t translate as a rigid rise to power! Pray for better days for America and safety for all… Lets make the most of the Cancer planets and bring that comfort back to the land of the free…

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