She’s gone down in history as the star that shone brightest on the silver screen but what’s her Star Sign Style?

Marilyn Monroe was born June 1st 1926, at 9.30 am In Los Angeles, giving her a Gemini zodiac sign…

  • Sun In Gemini
  • Mercury In Gemini
  • Moon In Aquarius
  • Venus In Aries
  • Leo Rising

Leo Rising, Marilyn made a marvellous muse in Hollywood, especially with glamorous Neptune gracing the first house with it’s presence. This planetary placement also adds a bit of dissolusion to the individual, as others see her through blurred, watery glasses…

The curious Gemini energy of Mercury and Sun saw Marilyn often with her head in a book, interested in intellectual pursuits and learning. Taurus Midheaven promote her as a sensual, feminine plaything, however Venus In Aries gave her a fiery and independent streak!


Sun In Gemini, Venus In Aries – Loves Sparkling Diamonds!

Jupiter and in Moon In Aquarius caused her to be cool, aloof and distant, with a need for relationships yet a discord in their warmth and connectedness.

Mars and Uranus in Pisces point to her problems with drugs and drinking…

Gemini Get-Along Gang – They Like To Be In Two’s…


Marilyn with Gemini Co-Star Jane Russell…

Monroe’s Birth Chart


Born 1st June, 1926, At 9.30am In Los Angeles, California…

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