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Mother of the future King of Great Britain, she’s truly won all our hearts along with lovely hubby Wills.

Let’s dive into a Kate Middleton Astrology Analysis, with a look at her birth chart and enviable Star Sign Style!

Sun In Capricorn ☆ Moon In Cancer ☆ Venus In Aquarius ☆ Taurus Rising ☆

Kate’s been praised for her outfit choices (which are spot on) since coming into the public eye, true to Capricorn style she never makes glaring wardrobe errors or major fashion faux pas!

It supports the theory that if you’re ever unsure of what to wear to a social engagement consult a Capricorn, as they give excellent advice and always know what’s proper to wear on any occasion.

How wonderful that we have Kate representing the UK in appropriate attire!


Sun in Capricorn is classic, of course, and can also be described as conservative.

This earth sign is reliable – they never get it wrong – from cool Capricorn Kate Moss always being best dressed at festivals and red carpet affairs, to adored Capricorn Michelle Obama, who also always gets it spot on in her dress.

No doubt Kate will make a dutiful and discreet member of the Royal family. She further demonstrates her responsible, practical and prudent approach through her fashion choices, repeating outfits bought from the British high street, within an oh so respectable budget.

We can ALL take a leaf out of her book!

Capricorn Fashion – Embrace Lace…


The Capricorn zodiac sign has a special affinity with antiques and old fashioned fabrics – but don’t think they have to be dusty! If you’ve Capricorn strong in your chart consider traditional materials, like lace – betcha they’ll look lovely.

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I love that Kate’s wedding dress emphasised this beautiful material in all its glory.


Lovin’ Lace…

Let’s now look at the most interesting aspect in Kate’s chart, the Moon. You’ll see from her birth chart below that Kate’s Moon is opposite the Sun, which means she was born during a full Moon, which was passing through the constellation of Cancer.

Moon In Motherly Cancer


Classy Capricorn Kate Middleton – Her Cancer Moon Makes Her A Marvellous Mum!

Moon in Cancer people are super sensitive to their surroundings, and particularly empathetic to the moods of others. These people are devoted to their loved ones, they’re nurturing and relationships and feelings are important to them.

The Moon is also opposing all the other planets in her chart, which means it’s given even more important, in fact, all the other characteristics and drivers of the chart are expressed through this Moons prominent energy.


Kate Middleton Born 9th January 1982 In Reading, Berkshire (Time Unknown)


Cancer’s best colours are greys, whites, creams and silver, and Kate will often be seen in these shades for important social engagements and events.

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It’s my bet that Kate will just love being a mum, finding true fulfilment in having children and nurturing her brood.

So what about the beautiful planet Venus? How does that affect Kate’s Star Sign Style?

Venus In Aquarius – A Friend For Life

kate-middleton-astrologyKate has Venus in Aquarius, which denotes ‘the unusual’ in love relationships.

You could certainly say that her fairytale wedding and title as princess isn’t everyday (although we’d all like to think we’re a princess deep down, we’re not!)

We can also guess that the friendship between Kate and Wills is important, and that she hasn’t judged him on his background either – it’s not the Aquarius way!

People with Venus in Aquarius can be eccentric, so I’ll be watching to see if Kate busts out any unusual , alternative fashions…

Watch this space!

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