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The debates have been difficult for everyone to witness. They say this is the darkest, nastiest presidential campaign of our modern history.

As sensitive people invested in keeping our hearts soft, open and aware, how do we stay informed (which in large part includes at least tracking what’s happening) without being pummeled by the negativity we witness? How do we remain open and vulnerable to life, without getting shut down by negativity or burying our head?

In energy work, we have options. Foremost, you can notice how you feel around certain people, topics, discussions. If you feel constricted, tense, hot, unsafe, on guard or physically uncomfortable that’s a sign to relocate your self, or manage your energy.

When faced with energy that doesn’t feel good you can shield your self. Energetic shields remind me of Aries/Mars. It’s a defensive strategy. There are many ways to do this but it’s the energetic equivalent of turning off the phone or television. It works in a pinch, and is very good for when you are depleted.

Of course separating oneself from the whole too long becomes counterproductive. We are social creatures who need connection. Plus, shielding oneself as a strategy, from the news, politics, social media or a friend who doesn’t share our political views, can generate fear. If I think I need to protect myself it means there’s something or someone out to get me — or at least could get me. Seeing anyone is an enemy is inimical to peace. That’s when our centeredness, our one true resource, goes out the window. Suddenly we’re feeling bereft, out of it, distraught, off-kilter, angry.

The other strategy is to go wide open. This strategy feels Libran. I’m not going to underplay the difficulty of this. It is so, so hard. It’s like walking a tightrope while trying to balance a glass of water in each hand while the wind is blowing. You let discomfort in. You breathe out peace and love, no matter what is coming your way. The minute you feel something negative come into your energy field, you use the positive as an antidote. If it’s “ugly” you start thinking “beauty”. This will challenge you; it does me. But the benefits! You get to stay receptive, remain vulnerable, open and in connection (you also get to draw the line when you need to. And decide to not take things personally, because very few things in life actually are personal).

Life is a balance between between protecting your self from negative energies, standing up for your self, looking after your own needs and interests, and being receptive and peaceful toward others who are very different from you. The self-interested, protective strategies of Aries versus the grace and connection of Libra.

This tense Aries-Libra Full Moon holds this tenuous balance between self and other. We’ve reached a polarity point – definitely politically, interpersonally, too, in our relationships. How do we remain connected, open and receptive to others, while honoring our selves? Aries Moon points to the necessity of looking out for number one. Selfish, as in: looking after your own best interests with supreme care. Drawing boundaries on your time. Taking more naps. And managing your mental energy. With Pluto squaring Mercury right now, pushing too hard, with opinions or energies, is unwise. A guitar string that’s pulled too tight will snap; a little give is what creates that nice play of tension. A little give is what makes music lovely.

At this Full Moon, take a moment to ask “What is throwing me off center and why?” A criticism? A viewpoint? Is it a conversation that you don’t agree with, so your ego thinks it has to push back? The ego thinks it needs to fight for or against something, “to win”, but is that really true – or is it just part of a paradigm that just creates more conflict? Notice what takes you away from your rock, solid core –the peace that is yours, eternally. With Uranus’ involvement, this is about noticing the patterns that cause you to spin out, and keep you from feeling centered. Uranus is a notorious pattern-breaker. You could blame others, but they’re just playing their part. They may be the perfect catalyst, tripping the switch for change.

So breathe into your center. Feel the power there. That’s real.

The only answer is love.  Here’s one way to do that:

Hilary, thank you for showing us the importance of honesty. We are so glad you are doing this work, as it allows us to become conscious of the value of honesty. Donald, thank you for showing us the importance of respecting all people, regardless of gender, religion or nationality. Thank you for doing this work on our behalf.

Now is the time to occupy our own inner center, with equal parts persistence and grace. Because if we want to stop living in a world inimical to our peace, we’ve got to stop looking for an enemy. Though your eyes and ears may tell you otherwise, to quote my lady, Beyonce, nothing real can ever be threatened. When we are connected from the inside, no one, nothing, can disturb our true peace.

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